Have you always wanted to backpack through Europe? Do you dream of exploring the outback of Australia? Does the idea of visiting Machu Picchu thrill you? Abbracadabra! Contiki is the perfect solution for young people who want to get out and see the world now.

Contiki, founded over 50 years ago, gives 18-35 year old’s the opportunity to not just see the world but to see a world of possibilities. Offering tours in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the US and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, there is a trip for everyone.

iStock_000012027835_largeLike most young travelers you dread the idea of seeing the sights from the inside of an air-conditioned tour bus. You want to explore the winding streets of Europe, taste the exotic flavors of Thailand, and really get to know the local Kiwis. Contiki is all about letting you find your own adventure and experiencing what you dream of.

Since visiting many countries in one trip takes an endless amount of planning, Contiki is appealing because they focus on the logistics of it all. They make sure you have a place to lay your head at night and on your way the next mornig. Tours include carefully selected lodging, restaurants, and most importantly transportation. This leaves all of the fun and making new friends up to you!

Not only is Contiki reasonably priced, offering both superior and budget trips, but they have a layaway program that helps travelers offset the cost. Contiki Layaway allows you not only to make payments yourself, but also as a gift option from family and friends. If you are traveling for a birthday or graduation, suggest “Contiki Layaway” as a way for your loved ones to say congratulations.

If you are planning on traveling alone, you will take comfort in knowing that nearly 50 percent of Contiki travelers make the journey solo. While you may be going alone, rest assured that you will make friends immediately that will last a lifetime. It is often said that traveling is in great part a path of self discovery. What better way to learn more about what you are capable of than bungee jumping in New Zealand?