Shams Ensemble From Iran on Tour With the First Women to Perform on Stage Since the Revolution

Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, composer Kaykhoro Pournazeri enjoyed a career in traditional Persian music. He boasts a century-long music heritage and was a driving force in shaping the newest talent — both men and women — that came from Persia. His dreams were thwarted during the tough years of the Revolution, but he never gave up hope.

After the revolution, Mr. Pournazeri founded the Shams Ensemble, which is a musical group that performs traditional Persian, mystic Sufi, and Kurdish music with the tanbour, daf (frame drum), and percussion instruments. It was Mr. Pournazeri vision to bring back the lost art of the tanbour by introducing other musical instrument while playing it. Innovation and creation were always paramount for the composer, as was freedom of expression.

Shams Ensemble was among the groups active in working for musical independence and freedom of women’s voices in Iran. It was with the help of Mr. Pournazeri that young artist and women were given the opportunity to perform in Iran. Thirty years later, Mr. Pournazeri and the Shams Ensemble celebrate their ongoing international success with a US tour.

For only four special nights, the Shams Ensemble will perform in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Their concerts are dedicated to the mystic and meaningful poetry of Rumi with Innovation, Evolution, and Peace being the theme.
The Shams Ensemble has performed at over 300 venues around the world, and they are looking forward to kicking off their first performance in San Francisco on Sunday, October 5th at the Herbst Theater at 7:30 pm. The press is invited to meet and/or interview the ensemble before the concert.

Other concert dates are: NYC, October 11th, Washington D.C. October 12th, and LA October 25th.