This holiday season give your friends the gift of good health, rejuvenation and coziness. Fresh peppermint, sweet ginger, green clarity, …chocolate. Holiday gift sets from The Republic of Teas will enliven your friends’ spirits and soothe their souls, what could be a better gift?

Our Tango Diva Top 3:

  1. The Ultimate Tea Bag Assortment Jar: Instead of picking just one tea – introduce your friends to a variety of The Republic of Tea. Full of blacks and six varieties of the especially healthy green – the glass, square, assortment jar holds 45 single-serving tea bags. They’ll be sure to find at least a few they love.
  2. Peppermint or Strawberry (or both!) Cuppa Chocolate and cookies: Tea time often includes treats – and who doesn’t love chocolate? The Republic of Tea has an excellent idea with these gift sets. Both include  a package of thin chocolate cookies and a different variety of a Roobios (red) caffeine and calorie-free tea. It’s holiday season and everyone is in the mood for something sweet.

  1. No. 1 Ladies’ Tea Gift Set: Your diva friends love travel, adventure, and mystery as much as we do, so why not share with them The Republic of Tea’s version of the Precious’ Cup of Comfort Tea, Speedy Motors Breakfast Tea, and 97 Per Cent Tea, three blends based off of the best-selling Alexander McCall Smith books. There’s nothing like a great cup of tea and a good book.