Some of my favorite things include pink champagne, massages, Gucci shoes, and men. And with this MAN ISSUE, I am happy! I’ve got my bottle of bubbly waiting and I plan on spending my evening strolling through Tango Diva and checking out our gorgeous men from around the world. I adore learning where men love to go and what they find irresistible in us darling women. Ironically, my husband (heh hem, yes I am married) is featured in one of the sections (hint Charming Sophisticates) and it was rousing to read his answers. I learned a few new things about him and it was fascinating the way it made me feel.

After being with someone for seven years, things start to itch. Not that I would ever scratch, but there is a clear and present itchiness. When I read his answers, something stirred in me. His answers caused me to hold my breath, just like when we first met.  He’s not the kind of guy to write me letters or poetry, nor will you see him surprising me with a romantic weekend getaway at a spa. That’s why I go to Thailand solo. (See previously entries if you just joined me.)

So I was thinking, maybe couples should send each other random questions every few months to stir up the relationship sediment. You never know what you might learn about someone if you just ask. What do you think?