Note the peek-a-boo red lining

As a Girlfriend Getaway travel writer, who has visited about 90 countries, you’d think by now that I’d have my packing down to a science…WRONG! As pitiful as this sounds, if it’s anything over a 3 day trip I succumb to checking my luggage which means an extra 30-45 minutes sweating it out at baggage claim, fingers crossed that my bag actually shows up.

On a recent group press trip I overheard two journalists (both gadget-loving men) extol the virtues of the ScotteVest, which comes with zillions of hidden pockets for carrying all sorts of miscellaneous items. But I’d never seen one, and to tell the truth, it always sounded like ScotteVests were designed more for the Birkenstock, flannel shirt, knapsack-loving, Swiss Army folding knife carrying type, which so doesn’t fit my N.Y.C all-black (hopefully chic) fashion statement.

And then I discovered ScotteVest’s (where-have-you-been-all-my-life?) brand new, girls-only, Molly Jacket which dispelled the last of my fashion faux pas fears. Wearing Molly is like traveling with a best friend who patiently holds your purse, keys, and water bottle while you go to the ladies room. The water and stain resistant Molly Jacket is so light, wrinkle-free, figure-flattering and trendy that I think I’d wear it even if it didn’t come with 17 special pockets to hold your money, cell phone, kindle, digital camera (this pocket has its own baby pocket to hold extra memory cards) sunglasses (how cool is it that this pocket has a chamois on a cord for cleaning your shades) and even a quick-draw lipstick pocket. Who is this Molly and how did she get to be so smart?

The coat is available in “Antique” (army green with a surprise red lining that really pops when you roll up the sleeves) or “Onyx” (Black with hot pink lining) and costs $175.

Check out SCOTTEVEST website for more details.

Chic and practical