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March 23rd, 2006
where do you want to go?

Today I got an email from David with the question: Where do you want to go? Galapagos, Otavalo and Peru? Botswana, Namibia? Rwanda or Uganda to visit the Apes? And though the day could not have been more jam packed with deadlines, phone calls emails, links, etc this question brought on a stillness. I forgot everything else for a few moments. I imagined the sea and the rocks of the Galapagos. Yes. I can see myself there. Rwanda? Yes. I can place myself on the ground with wide sweeping horizon in every direction I turn and heat emanating beneath the soles of my barefeet. Uganda. Apes. Hmm. I can visualize Julia Roberts there – remember that piece she did a few years back? Placing myself in the jungle with loose apes, just a little scary. Where do I want to go? Great question – and one we should ask ourselves often. Considering the rain for the past few weeks, I want sun, sand and sea. Island hopping sounds perfect. Capri is calling this year. Maybe like Survivor, I should concentrate on islands. Lets see. I have been to: Hawaii – duh Ovalau, Fiji Isla Mujeres Many tiny islands off of Ipanema Britain – ha! Ireland – ho! Phillips Island, South Australia- to watch the penguins! North and South islands of New Zealand and possibly more given time to remember. Thank you David, for my afternoon of mini-mind travels across the world! The answer is I want to do it all! Where do you want to go?

4 thoughts on “where do you want to go?

  1. I want to go on an African safari, swim in azul waters with turtles in the Galapagos, and do that canopy tour/tinker bell line thing – in Costa Rica, and dive off the coast of Australia and…

    Okay, there I go Patti…

    Well, that was a nice mental break – thank you.

  2. I want to go back to RaiLay Beach in Thailand. I want to wade up to the floating long boat and order some fresh Pad Thai noodles then stroll back to the shade of my beloved mangrove tree. I want to get another Thai massage on the warm sand and I want to splash around the emerald Andaman sea just a little bit longer.

  3. Speaking of where we want to go-I just bought a great book for girls travel! It is called the Girls Getaway Guide to Orlando-Leave Your Baggage at Home. Casey Wohl is the author. It is a cute guide specifically for girls getaways! We all need these getaways and then we don’t know what to do when we get there! This book was so helpful to us, and it is small enough to throw in your purse. The author also sends out a monthly e-newsletter that is GREAT! You can sign up for it at her website at http://www.GirlsGetawayGuide.net. She has great tips on everything from fashion, to trends, to the latest travel insights!

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