Healdsburg restaurant Spoonbar at h2hotel and Waterbar in San Francisco take carbon footprints seriously.

To maintain the high quality of meals and drinks while lowering their impact on the Earth they are proud to announce community programs asking locals to bring in fruit from their backyard trees.

The fruit, picked at the peak of freshness and spending minutes not days in transit, will be a delicious and eco-conscious addition to the meals and drinks that are already served at Spoonbar and Waterbar.

Spoonbar’s program, Give Us Your Fruit, currently in its second year, is inspired by Healdsburg’s heavy-hanging citrus trees. h2hotel invites Sonoma County residents to gather up their homegrown winter citrus and trade it in for dining credit at their on-site restaurant, Spoonbar.

Oranges and grapefruit will be fresh squeezed to make juices for h2hotel’s daily continental breakfast, while lemons, limes and more exotic citrus will be put to use in innovative cocktails such as the Meyer Lemon Margarita and the Hemingway Daquiri, and in dishes like Moorish Style Brick Chicken with local lemon marinade and grilled lemons. Fruit must be ripe and clean, and Spoonbar can accept up to 100 lbs of fruit per person. Submissions are accepted seven days a week between noon and 4 p.m. Excess citrus will be frozen and used at the hotel and restaurant through Spring 2012.

Waterbar’s Pastry Chef Emily Lucchetti has put out a call for winter citrus for use in her seasonal desserts. For each 10 pounds of Meyer lemons, kumquats, limes, oranges or any other variety of citrus in abundance, the restaurant will trade half dozen of Chef’s Choice oysters or any dessert on the list.

Haul in 30 pounds and Emily will name the dish that uses your fruit after you for a day. In addition, please e-mail or provide a picture of you with your tree in order to verify where the fruit is from.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and wish to participate, bring in homegrown grapefruits, oranges, lemons and exotic citruses and more. Please call ahead if unsure the fruit will be accepted – Spoonbar: (707) 433-7222 and Waterbar: (415) 284-9922.