The truth is, Chile is freaking FAR away. It is the Southern Hemisphere, so far down that it owns part of Antarctica! Chile is in the Eastern time zone, so my internal clock is not shot to hell, which is such a bonus.


So, how do you get down here? You have a few options, but the best is to have someone help you out. Marcelo Diaz owns Americas Travel in San Francisco and he gets the best rates for Latin America because of all his connections. He has been working with American Airlines for so long that he can get you the best rates as well as plan an amazing trip for you. And, as you know, when you are planning a one-in-a-lifetime trip, service and experience is the most important things. THANKS MARCELO and THANK YOU LUIS at American Airlines.

American Airlines has 2 flights daily to Santiago Chile. One from Miami, which is 8 hours and one from Dallas, which is 10 hours. Just call Marcelo and he will get you on a plane to chile.

Come with me as I speak with Luis from American Airlines, who is on this extraordinary trip with us about AA’s flights to Santiago and what to pack on your trip to Chile.