Well, look at you! You’re an eco-lisish little thing, aren’t ya? You’ve been so good about partaking in public transportation, toting your canvas bags on your bike as you head out to Whole Foods and even opting to walk as you run your errands. 

So, here’s a conundrum … it’s Saturday night and well, a girl has no choice but to see and be seen. With a tasty Watermelon Cosmo in your future, driving is not an option. The bus, a bike ride, and an evening stroll are probably low on the list, as well.

So, the next best is a cab, right? Well, choose wisely my little green grasshopper, in San Francisco you have a greener alternative, Green Cab. Check out the KRON segment Currently, there are 4 Green Cabs, which are all hybrid cars, on the streets of San Francisco with a goal to have a fleet of 20 of these alternative-fuel vehicles by the end of the year. According to their web site, the company is democratically run with membership open to all drivers. Visit www.sfgreencab.com for more information and the next time you’re in need a guilt-free lift call 415-626-4733.

 Green Cab