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Thanks to the gazillion random emails in the inbox, i found this really cool African shoe line. It’s called Oliberte, and their products are entirely locally produced in Africa.
Oliberte shoe logo w womans face

The designs are inspired by street and euro culture, all leather is made in Ethiopia, and lined with goat leather. The crepe rubber soles are made in Liberia.

Oliberte: Blue shoes

Oliberte  3 shoe views men & women

There are styles & colors for men & women.
Oliberte color choices

Oliberte is a Canadian company working in partnership with African farmers, factory workers & suppliers to ensure everyone is paid fairly and treated responsibly.

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For more information, contact: info@oliberte.com

Visit their Website: www.oliberte.com

Oliberté Limited
603 York Street
Oakville, Ontario L6L 4B4
Phone: 1.905.901.3660