Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. Among many other timeframes, I wish I had been born in London in the mid-late 1940’s so I could have been a teenager during the 1960’s. Not only would I have been able to experience Beatlemania firsthand… but I could have been a Mod. Doesn’t this dress by Dear Creatures look like it was made for scooting around London on the back of a vintage Lambretta or Vespa?

Divas, allow me to ‘introduce’ you to! The site features a different brand every 24 hours, so you have to buy that day or you miss out on the deal.  Everything is extremely discounted (70-90%) and all brands featured are things that you’d want to buy anyway, but maybe have not due to price in the past.  Some previous sales include brands such at Dolce Vita, BLVD handbags, Eco Skin, Linea Pelle and more.

What’s great about GomattaGirls, slang for mobster girlfriend or mistress, is that it is not an ‘invite-only’ site – anyone can join and it is free to become a member.  They also do not announce any of the sales ahead of time.  Merchandise is up for 24 hours and you have to go to the site to see what the sale of the day is. Plus there is also the extremely discounted sample sale under the Closeout section which is where I found the above dress.

Now go live La Dolce Vita and shop, shop, shop!