With World Vision, you can give a gift to honor someone special that helps a child or family in need. World Vision is an humanitarian organization that aims to tackle poverty and injustice by helping children and families worldwide. Here is a small sampling of the gifts you can give through World Vision:

  • For $75, give a goat to a family in a place like Haiti or Kenya, which provides them with milk, cheese, yogurt and extra income from offspring and dairy.
  • For $32, help with a child’s school fees, uniforms or supplies.
  • For $50, provide medical care, food, vocational training, counseling, etc. to girls who have been subjected to sexual exploitation.
  • For $50, provide $250 worth of food for a family when your gift is multiplied 5 times with government grants.
  • For $100, give one share of a deep well that will help provide 2,800 gallons of safe water a day to as many as 300 people.

When you purchase a gift, World Vision will send a card to the person you have specified that describes the gift and its impact. Visit World Vision to donate and make a difference this holiday season. Gifts are tax-deductible.