The mission of Project Concern International is to “prevent disease, improve community health and promote sustainable development”. What better way to honor a loved one than by helping PCI achieve these goals?  PCI’s Gifts of Life program offers three categories for giving: Gifts of Health, Gifts of Hope, and Gifts of Nutrition. Within these categories are several options and gifts to choose from.

Through Gifts of Health, select from several possible donations including: help to ensure a safe delivery for a mother and her baby in Guatemala ($500); provide an entire community with clean water ($100); help an HIV patient receive proper treatment ($75); help tuberculosis patients get treatment to cure the disease ($25).

With Gifts of Hope, choose from gifts such as: sponsor a children’s soccer team ($150); train orphan caregivers in Ethiopia ($100); help women escape poverty with a microloan to start their own business ($50); provide a child in India with shelter from the streets ($20).

By giving Gifts of Nutrition, provide a child with school breakfasts for an entire year ($150); help a family in Nicaragua improve their health by providing them with a flock of hens ($50).

When a gift is purchased, an e-card will be sent to your recipient, another bonus because it’s more eco-friendly than a traditional card (credit proctor). Visit for more information or to purchase a gift.