Pura Vida Adventures is going on 10 years of relaxing surf camps for women! When Tierza Eichner started Pura Vida adventures in Costa Rica, she had no idea it would become anything like it is today. It started with a successful surf camp in January 2004, the women who attended were so moved and changed that she knew this is what she was meant to be doing. Ten years later, they have multiple camps a year and even a couple coed camps.

Pura Vida really tries to focus people on the here and now, bring them back down to earth, and center them. Being on the beach in a beautiful country helps, but they do this through yoga, meditation, relaxation, and learning new things – like surfing! Women spend a week on Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches; doing relaxing activites (meditation/yoga/massages etc.), eating great food, interacting with other amazing,positive women, and most importantly stepping away from their hectic lives at home.

Women have said they feel so much more alive when they leave; realizing that just living, waking up, going to work, coming home, sleeping, then doing it all over again, isn’t enough. Hear it straight from one of our Divas; her experience was so life changing, she stayed in Malpais after the trip ended!

Just remember, no matter where we are or what we’re doing it’s important to be in the moment and enjoy all life has to offer! If you’re having trouble realizing this, or even taking some time everyday to reflect – maybe this surf camp is something you should consider. While you’re there you’ll step out of your comfort zone and really put things into perspective. If you don’t think you can surf that’s okay, there are women who thought the same then left with a new skill under their belt! The leaders of the camp really teach you to step back, slow down, relax, and listen to the water and your body. You can surf, you just need to go out and try it! Head to Costa Rica with Pura Vida if you’re still looking for that summer (or fall) getaway that could change your life!