Golf, mega-spa, tennis, dogs, kids, pools, water slides, work retreats… The Broadmoor is where my fam reunion was at!

I am not a big Colorado person. It’s too high, and too crunchy, and too outdoorsy and altogether healthy for me, but since the rest of the fam was going, I tagged along. My skin was mummified in about three seconds, and even as we were landing, I could feel the moisture leaching out of all my pores. Champagne the first night led to a massive headache, and I thought to myself, would Miraval have been so wrong?

So there we were, 5 stars and 5 diamonds and 6000 feet up in the Rockies at this uber resort. The menfolk among us got up at the crack of dawn to chase down birdies and tees, and we women luxuriated in the gi-NOR-mous spa complete with a whole room just for aromatherapy, and another for oxygen because we certainly frickin’ needed some.

My limo driver told me that the property is where The Shining was filmed, so I was psyched for some spooky, Gothic edge to the sun-kissed UBS group, wound-up wedding parties and packs of poodles traipsing through both lobbies. But alas, he was wicked mistaken. The property that actually inspired Stephen King when he stayed there was The Stanley Hotel, which features the movie on a continuous loop in all the rooms! Yeesh!

Me and dad had a beautiful time with all my fabulous cousins and aunt and uncle. The food? Not that great, although being from San Francisco, when is travel food ever acceptable? The property is gorgeous with a swan-filled lake as its centerpiece. Three cheers for waterslides at the lovely pool. And the rooms were very very pretty (humidifiers available, mummies!).

This is a place for thinking big–a massive work retreat, an entire family reunion, a wedding.

And definitely LEAVE THE PROPERTY! There is so much beauty around that to stay in the sanctuary of the mega-resort is to miss out. Who knew that PIKES PEAK was here?

Stephanie’s Favorite Off-Property Offerings:

1. THE GOLDEN BEE!! This awesome piano sing-along bar across the street from the ‘moor but still owned by the hotel is kick-ass! Sing favorite tunes, order a yard of beer, and get covered in bees! The waitstaff will throw bee stickers at you till you’re practically a hive! What’s not to love? This is one of my most favorite bars ever. Nice job requesting “All My Exes Live in Texas” cousin Kelly! :)

2. MANITOU SPRINGS–this peaced-out hippie enclave is a nearby town whose streets run rainbow with tie-dye and barefoot hula-hoop girls abound on every corner. Stock up on hemp and fuel up on organic coffee. It’s high-altitude Berkeley! How fun for an afternoon of shopping!

3. GARDEN OF THE GODS–a geological thingy that is very pretty with like rock formations and red rocks and has a visitor center and such.

4. RED ROCKS–the ultimate in scenic concert venues. Check the listings for your faves.

5. JEEP TOUR/ SCAVENGER HUNT/ BALLOON RIDES–for some forced bonding of a big group, a means to getting off the shelter of your resort property, and just for some big, ol’ fun, book an excursion! We did a scavenger hunt with some outlaw buckaroos at the helm! We kids split up into teams and hit the trails learning about area history while getting a good overview of the sites. My team came in dead last, dagnabit! :(

Whew, gosh bless sea level! I’m so HAPPY to be home! :)