Another blissful day here in St. George. Just finished having a wonderful massage – time slot courtesy of Cynthia. I am grateful. We all have been so busy I never had a chance to book a treatment for myself. What a gift – an hour of kneading, just an inch from pure pain and several inches into pure pleasure.

Today was a full day for all. Hikes, cooking classes, two water classes, golfing (Rene), ab class, spirit stretch, lectures – and somehow we squeezed in 3 meals as well. Dinner tonite was very lively! Lots of ribbing over the days toils and spoils. Lots of giggles over three very large water bottles. If only we had a camera of Cynthia squeezing out the very last drop of Chardonnay!

Brooke, Cynthia and new Diva Susan headed over to Zion and climbed all the way to Angels Landing. An incredibly steep and precarious climb. I will let Booke post all the scary details. But we are all very impressed as they proudly display their angel pens at dinner.

Suzanne and I hit Needin 2B Beadin again – and the gals there we happy to see us. Seems we are all going to be making jewelry and sharing recipes and planning future trips.

So much more to share – but it is late and tomorrow is another full day.