Another spectacular day in this place I love: Red Mountain Spa. We are pulling out of here this beautiful afternoon – but don’t fret, the stories are still coming in. Today we climbed up and down the petrified dunes. But the pace was slower and we all had a chance to converse. Barbara, from San Jose, has traveled extensively. She spoke of Crete and Japan and a wonderful tour group she will share with us later. Susan, a doctor¬†from Chicago, has many hiking adventure destinations to share and recently volunteered for Katrina. She is an easy nomination for the visionary contest. We all enjoyed the hike very much. At the end we hugged Claudia our hike leader and swapped lookin’ for love stories. Claudia is a beautiful women with an amazing spirit and living very young in mind, body and soul. We all wondered where the great guys are. They are out there. Some are hangin out on the internet-very hard to cross paths with. Some are river-rafting thru the Northwest. Some are just killing time shopping at Saks Fith Avenue or Walmart. Maria met Will that way, Suzanne met Rene at his Halloween party. The great guys are out there -we just have to keep stepping into the stream.

So we gathered for our last lunch in the sunshine -took group photos and drank a few toasts. Brooke and Cynthia pulled up stakes and we all headed to the local art gallery scene: Coyote Court at Kayenta for inspration and coffee. Each one of us found a unique and inspired piece of art to give to ourselves. The 7th Annual Art in Kayenta Festival will be held Sat & Sun, February 18th & 19th, 2006. Plan a trip around this time at Red Mountain. It will be wonderful. Let me know and I can help you book an incredible adventure vacation.

So I gotta run – but I have more to share as does Bernice, Alison, Suzanne, Rene, Brooke, Cynthia, Susan, several Barbara’s, Connie, Sherry, Laura, Lynn – and a few more new divas. :)