Photo Credit: Devon Lach for Dew Altizer Photography
Photo Credit: Devon Lach for Drew Altizer Photography

While most cousins just get together on major holidays, like 4th of July and Thanksgiving, the Mondavi cousins, Rob and Angelina are creating wine together. It makes sense, since they are members of the iconic Mondavi family who brought wine to the masses by creating quality wines that were reasonably priced and delicious.

Rob Mondavi Jr. is Robert Mondavi’s grandson and Angelina is Peter Mondavi’s granddaughter. Robert and Peter are the famous brothers who created the Mondavi Empire. Ironically, Angelina wanted to become a forensic scientist, but she was drawn back to her roots of winemaking while in college. After her decision to return to the family business, Angelina went to South Australia-home of the famed Barossa Valley wine region got get her Masters in Winemaking and Viticulture.

Their high-end boutique wine perfectly named Fourth Leaf Wines (since they are the fourth generation of the Mondavi family) is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with grapes from Atlas Peak, which is Rob’ s side of the family and Howell Mountain, which is Angelina’s side of the family.

The cousins hosted a fantastic five-year vertical tasting of Fourth Leaf Wines at the stylish Credo restaurant in downtown San Francisco. During the wine pairing lunch guests sampled their 2011 and 2012 and barrel samples from 2013, 2014, and 2015. Credo’s Chef Chris Fernandez did an excellent job pairing the wine with his masterful cuisine. Chris Fernandez began his career as a chef over 25 years ago and has made his mark in the Bay Area with a “purist” approach to cooking. Chris’s cuisine represents a unique blend of seasonal Italian, Mediterranean, local seafood and a Northern California style.

Fourth Leaf Wines are available on their website or at ACME Fine Wines in St. Helena.

2011 Fourth Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon: 90 cases

This wine is 100% Napa Valley Mountain Cabernet that is 50% from Rob’s family property on Atlas Peak and 50% from Angelina’s family property at Howell Mountain. This high-elevation wine is opulent and filled with many rich layers of deep flavors including berries and hardy fruits.

2012 Fourth Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon: 93 cases

This lively 100% Cabernet Sauvignon has a wonderful mix of spices and flavorful berries. You’ll also find hints of vanilla and creamy chocolate.

2013 Fourth Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon: 140 cases

This 2013 vintage is a delightful mix of dark berries and dried fruits. With just a hint of honey, this delicious wine exhibits traits sweet and spicy spices.

2014 Fourth Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon: 165 cases

This vintage was a favorite of the guest with its multi-layered experience. The aroma, flavor, and after finish all portrayed different levels of complexity. The finish is as smooth as silk. If you have an opportunity to taste any of these wine, this vintage is by far, my favorite.

2015 Fourth Leaf component : 145 cases will be produced

Unfortunately for us, this vintage won’t be released until around 2019. But expect a wine with ripe black fruits and a smooth finish.

Angelina Mondavi and Rob Mondavi. Photo credit Drew Altizer
Angelina Mondavi and Rob Mondavi



Presented by Chef Chris Fernandez

Paired to 2011-2014 Fourth Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon

Cocktail Reception

Twiced Baked Potatoes with Shallot Cream & Bacon

Smoked Salmon, Lemon Creme Fraiche, Salmon Roe on Rye Crostini

Dungeness Crab & Apple Salad

Cheese Course

Chef selection of Cheese with Walnut Currant Bread

First Course

Spiced Glazed Pork Belly wth Beets, Fennel, Mustard Greens, Walnuts & Aceto Balsamico

Second Course

Duck two ways:

Red Wine Braised Duck Leg with Lentils & Braised

Chard & Green Garlic

Duck Breast w. Celery Root Puree, Tokyo Turnips, Apples, Golden Raisins & Sherry Vinegar Sauce

Third Course

Chocolate Ganache Tart, Bourbon Caramel &

Toasted Marshmallow

Mondavi lunch


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Credo is the Latin word for “I believe.”

Specializing in Italian cuisine, the team at Credo believes that good food and good company go hand in hand. They believe simple things can be brilliant, like authentic, responsibly-sourced ingredients, attention to detail and gracious hospitality. The rustic, Italian-inspired dishes are served on tables handmade by world-renowned Dutch craftsman Piet Hein Eek. Composed entirely of scrap wood, each table is one-of-a-kind, the product of hours of human labor and a keen devotion to sustainable design. The found wood in each table echoes the found ideas that cover the walls at Credo. According to Credo proprietor Clint Reilly, “Our walls depict the universality of ideas, the clash of conflicting viewpoints and the democratic nature of discussion and debate.”

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  • Saturday: 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: closed

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