You have been invited to a private once-in-a-lifetime party out of town – tomorrow. You need a hotel tonight. Thanks to Hotel Tonight, last minute needs to stay in town are easily realized! This 5-star rated app makes it a piece of cake to book a deal instantly via your smart phone or iPad!

15% of hotel bookings nationwide are last-minute walk-ins. So Hotel Tonight have teamed up  44+ major US cities to give you fantastic discounts (up to 70%). It’s the best of both worlds! You get a great deal on a great room, and the hotel gets the booking. Rooms are classified cleverly so you can choose what kind of room you want to stay in. For example, if I need to stay in San Francisco tonight on a “budget-friendly” base, I can stay at Nob Hill Motor Inn for $164, compared to $179 on a different travel site. It might not be a lot, but for being last minute, it’s great.

The process is simple: select your city, find a hotel that works for you, and purchase! The app will instantly book the room for you, and all you have to do is check in.

Download this app and for a limited amount of time sign-up to receive $25 credits to any hotel offered.

It comes in handy if you miss a flight, have a few too many drinks and can’t drive home, need a place to rest while on a road trip, or if you’re like me and just need to get away for the night. I know Amy could have used it in her spontaneous Weekend Trip to Santa Barbara!

A few cities Hotel Tonight offers are Anaheim, Honolulu, Las Vegas (perfect!), Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, San Jose, New York, and many more.

They also offer hotels internationally in London, Toronto and Vancouver!