Join the most incredible list of tastemakers, chefs, wine makers, mixoligists, and amazing events this weekend in San Francisco. They’ve got mobile bars. Two of them: This luxe custom Airstream wine lounge will be your VIP hangout. And this little beauty will be serving refreshments in a spot we’re calling Backyard Bites. They’ve got games: Try your hand at corn hole while sipping on a cold brew and nibbling on backyard-inspired bites. They’ve got cocktails. And beer. And wine. From more than 70 locales both near and far. They’ve got food and plenty of it: More than 150 chefs will serve dishes over the weekend. Think burrata bruschetta, Ahi tartar with miso cream summer melon confit, corn puffs with caviar, and maple-smoked pork with grilled chile butter.Get your tickets now, while you still can!


Upcoming Events:
My Big Obsession: Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Eatin’:
In the Bay Area, we obsess over our food. While the rest of the country was still learning how to spell kimchi, we were perfecting our at-home recipe with homemade fish sauce. For our Grand Opening celebration, the Bay Area will do what it does best as chefs showoff their latest culinary obsessions. … read more >

Meet My Mentor: An Homage:
Whether it’s the family kitchen or on the sauté station in the kitchen of a culinary icon, all chefs have been inspired and mentored through their careers. On Saturday afternoon, each chef will pay homage to their roots with a signature dish inspired by their culinary mentor. While you nosh on 36+ u … read more >

A Night of Classics: Bay Area Originals:
Every great restaurant has a dish so delicious and satisfying that restaurant-goers find themselves coming back for more, week after week. A dish so special, that should a restaurant take it off the menu, it would cause rioting via Twitter accounts all across the Bay Area. On Saturday evening, each … read more >

Made in SF: Celebrating the Bay Area’s Tastemakers:
Sunday afternoons in San Francisco are made for farmers’ markets, brunch cocktails and tasty bites with friends and family. On Sunday at the Lexus Grand Tasting we have it all! We’re shining a light on the incredible tastemakers that make the Bay Area the best dining scene in the country – artisans, … read more >