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Let me begin with a confession. Despite my good intentions to lead a healthy and balanced life, I always seem to fall short.  I am a determined diva who seeks out and stocks up on vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and protein powders…only to remember the stash long after the expiration date.

If this is not you, then you are indeed a better woman than most!

For the rest of us, there is help.

Sprayology offers a bountiful no-hassle boost to alleviate whatever ails you!


The smartly packaged line of holistic and vitamin-rich oral sprays are safe, simple and portable!


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Sprayology’s products are FDA regulated and worry-free.

There are no pills to swallow, no water needed, no digestive discomfort concerns and no reports of negative side effects. And, sprays will not interfere with prescription medication.



It only takes a simple spray under the tongue to release the power of each custom formula. Vitamins and homeopathic ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream to deliver immediate results and enhanced health benefits.

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In additional to a Daily Multi-Vitamin spray and B-12/Folic Acid spray, there are 20+ spray elixirs that naturally tackle and treat a long list of everyday health and wellness issues such as stress, allergies, sleeplessness, jet lag , menopause and more.

The Party Relief Spray – offering hangover prevention and relief – is a diva’s best friend before and after a night on the town. Sharing a few sprays is sure to make you the center of attention and help you solidify a few new friendships.

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Suggested Retail Per Spray Bottle: $29.00

The 3 Spray Multi-Pack Sets offer up to a 20% savings.

For more information, visit  Sprayology online.

Also, available at select spas, resorts and wellness centers in the United States.

Photos: Courtesy of Sprayology