Peter Greenberg Teresa Rodriguez Williamson Tango DivaWe all have them. Those lists. The lists of: “Designer shoes you want to own,” “Places you want to visit,” and the somewhat-unattainable “Amazing people you want to meet.” One of my peeps on that list was the “Boss” of Travel, Peter Greenberg. You know him as the Travel Editor on the Today Show, and now I know him as Peter the sailor and part time fireman.

After his book signing in San Francisco, I caught up with him with one of my dear friends and producer at ABC. We shared a fabulous dinner at Slanted Door and I sat in amazement as Peter talked about his knowledge of world history and numbers. This man is brilliant. He walked us through a few math problems, and as we sat there stumped, he could recite all our numbers with sharpshooter accuracy. Honestly, I could barely keep track of the numbers in my own head!

He was in San Francisco promoting his latest book: The Complete Travel Detective Bible. Some of the information he shares in the book is very important (even though he forgot to mention!). From booking hotels to dealing with airlines, it’s all in his 1-pound book. There are a few points we disagree on. He thinks that women don’t want to be catered to differently at hotels, and I disagree. Women are more concerned with safety than men, and we are not big fans of eating alone.

So, now that I met the “Man of my Dreams,” I can look forward to meeting the next person on my list. Watch out Oprah, here I come!