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December 28th, 2009
Delayed at JFK or LaGuardia? Free taxi ride included with Buckingham Hotel one nite stay.

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If you get stuck with a 4+ hour delay – hop in a cab and head for the Buckingham -they will deduct the cab fare ($50 max)
from your room charge. Offer only good for one nite stay and you gotta have some paper airline proof of the delay. Called the IN-TRANSIT promo – it’s a gift to yourself to take the stress level down a notch and up the lux experience big time.

At rates starting from $200 a nite this could be a life saver vs a nite at the airport.

The promotion is valid from now through March 31st (subject to availability). Plane tickets and taxi receipts are needed verification for booking. The discount is valid for customers with flight delays of more than 4 hours and is not applicable for current reservations. For further details or to book, please call toll free at (888) 511-1900.

PS – sign up on the website for special promos offered only to online users!

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