Getting up at 6:00 am for a hike was not going to happen. So, once again I headed over to the dinning room at 8:00 am for a wonderful breakfast.

One of the classes I took today was all about breathing—perfect timing. I learned that breathing is way more important than I thought, it’s not just my lungs that long for air, it my whole body. We practiced some breaths together and at first I was light-headed, I was told that’s because I got too much fresh oxygen in my brain (how about that!). I’m now very aware of how I’m breathing and I can feel the stress melting away.

It’s hard not to have random “Ah ha!” moments here. Just walking down one of the many rosemary and sage-lined paths is meditative. I can’t help but smile when I hear a bird chirping or see a cute bunny rabbit hopping across the brick paths. I can really feel the love and dedication that the founders Edmond and Deborah Szekely put into this amazing spa for the past 65 years. What a gift they gave the world!

After a few hardcore classes, I wandered around the gardens, found a hammock and took a nap. What a treat it was gently swaying under the warm shade of lush greenery. There I got another “Ah ha!” Maybe life was not meant to be so tough, maybe we were meant to live simple lives in nature. I drifted off again, woke up and scurried to my next class.

We hooked up with a few other couples our age at dinner. One couple (the newlyweds) is from DC and the other from NYC, we’ve also connected with a great gal from LA and a darling chick from SF. There’s a few famous people here too. I can’t tell you who they are because that would be uncool, but let’s just day that you’ve read about them in Vanity Fair magazine and seem them on HBO.