Anyone who tells me that jet lag can be avoided or is all in the mind can kiss my sleepy ass. I am beat! While it’s 3:30 pm here in Scandinavia, it is 6:30 am in California. “Hello! No one told my body that my mind was in charge for the next 2 ½ weeks.” So, today I succumbed to slumber.

My day started when my body decided to wake up, which was 10:00 am. I was too tired to go downstairs for breakfast, so I raided the mini bar. The rest of my day was spent in my room, checking e-mails, managing work commitments, writing, and taking baths. I took three baths by the time I fell asleep in a cloud of pillows and comforters at 9:00 pm.

When I was done with work stuff, I rented a movie. I chose “Last Holiday” with Queen Latifa. Even though the movie is kinda stupid, it has a very powerful message. The message is, “Go live girls! Don’t wait for the right moment, or when you have enough money, or the perfect boyfriend, or when your friends can go. Just jet – go live before someone might tell you that are going to die in 3 weeks.”

After the movie, I went downstairs for a yummy bowl of crawfish soup, I watched as women on their horses rode by and men on their bike peddled home. It was just what I needed, warm soup and a relaxing day to recuperate from all the excitement for the last few days. Back in my room, I took my third and final bath for the day. I wrapped myself in one of Hotel Diplomat’s cozy robes and I went to bed.

I leave for Oslo in the morning.