But the life of a news Diva isn’t all glam. It is rather more akin to that of the persevering fictional newswoman Mary Richards (AKA Mary Tyler Moore)—a Diva in her own right– who struck out independently and paid her dues. In real life, Moore received several Emmy’s for her role. Many of the brilliant and dedicated honored Divas spoke of their personal sacrifices for the work they love. Long and odd hours taking tolls on family life… resume building years at stations in markets like Little Rock and Des Moines… driving to the predawn shift with lots of under eye makeup… These Divas didn’t get to where they are today without an impressive fight.

“Lots of people think newswomen have glamorous lives. Everyone but newswomen probably think that. Yes, you own a lot of fancy clothes. The station requires you to make a lot of personal appearance on their behalf… so much for your free time and sleep. Organizations offer you a lot of awards to get you to show up. But yes, glamorous I guess compared to the average desk job. Your name will get you a good table at the latest restaurant. People will return your phone calls,” remarks Lynn Friedman, KGO TV News Editor and recipient of two 2006 Emmy’s.

It all got me thinking about what it is that really defines a news Diva? True grit, determination, hard work, brilliance, and one or more bronze statuettes.… and the ability to look exquisite in a evening dress, even while pregnant.

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