I met my favorite Viking on a fabulous week-long press tour sponsored by the generous Icelandair.We spent our last night of this fantastic trip at the Viking Village twenty-five minutes outside of Reykjavik.

Stefán is one of the Vikings who was part of the festivities that night. He’s a charming man, with a heart of gold—not like most hair-pulling, blood-letting Vikings you read about!

My stay at the Viking Village was surprisingly delightful. At first, I was worried about leaving Reykjavik, the fabulous metropolitan capital of Iceland, to spend an uneventful evening in the suburbs with shabby Vikings. Little did I know that I was in for a Viking-size treat of good-looking men, and lots of delicious food and drinks. Picture lovely pelt-wearing men serving you platters of food while singing for you–I call that heaven! I was even dubbed a Heidursvikingur! I think that means I’m property of the Vikings now.

And at first you might think the whole set up could be a bit cheesy, until you feel the passion and see the intricate detail of the carvings, furniture, and decorations that line the Village. It truly was a perfect way to end a week in a country that moved me more than I could ever write using earthly world. Iceland is a magical place of troll and Vikings, and the Viking Village should be on your list of things to do when planning your Icelandic adventure.

Try a tour through Icelandair, you’ll be awed by this country and the care Icelandair takes to ensure your comfort and happiness is first-class. Icelandair

The Viking village has the best assortment of Viking souvenirs I found throughout the country. And don’t forget to get a CD of Viking hits—the music will move you and leave you dreaming of Iceland and Viking.

The Viking Restaurant serves a traditional Viking feast like those served centuries ago. The starter was shark and dried haddock followed by a shot of chilled brennivin (Icelandic liquor that means “black death”—and it taste like death, too). The main entrée was braised lamb shank with potatoes and glazed vegetables. Dessert was skyr (Icelandic yogurt) with blueberry sorbet. The meal is accompanied by singing Vikings and Valkyries, and that’s where I met Stefán—he was singing to me.

* * * *

I asked Stefán to illuminate us Divas with a bit of Iceland inside information.

Where do you like to flirt?

As far as my flirting activities are concerned, there have never been any restrictions of any kind, as regards time or place. I have always flirted anytime and anywhere.

Where is your favorite place to dine?

My favourite place to dine is probably The Virgin, a Danish smörbröd [open sandwich] place in downtown Reykjavik.

Where should we stay when we come visit?

I would choose someplace near the centre of Reykjavik or downtown Reykjavik. For information, go to www.hotel.is.

What do you look for in a woman?

She has to be honest, kind, and intelligent. And if she’s attractive, it’s certainly a bonus.

What do you do on a lazy Sunday?


What must we see when we come to Iceland?

Near Reykjavik you have the Golden Circle. In the southeast there is Jökulsárlón [a lagoon filled with icebergs] as well as Skaftafell National Park. In the north we have the area around Lake M_vatn and my hometown, Akureyri. In the northwest there is Látrabjarg and Alvík; in the west, Snæfellsjökull [the glacier mentioned in Jules Verne´s A Journey to the Center of the Earth); and near Keflavik airport there is the Blue Lagoon. Near the center of the country we have places like Landmannalaugar, Hveravellir, and Askja.

What do you love most about Iceland?

Its natural beauty.

What should we bring when we come visit?

Clothing for any kind of weather—and don´t forget a bathing suit!

What do you do when you’re not being a Viking?

Listen to music, read, and practice sports and freemasonry.

Any Icelandic secrets you want to share?

We have no secrets.

* * * *

The Viking Village*

Strandgata 55, 220 Hafnarfjordur; t 354.565.1213

Room rates (breakfast included): October to March, 5.800 ISK ($90) to 8.100 ISK ($125); April to September 10, 800ISK ($166) to 14.000 ISK ($215).

Dinner and drinks: 5.600 ISK ($86). t 354.565.1213

* The Viking Village offers free transportation to and from Reykjavik.