Today, when you book on, you can make a contribution to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program to plant trees to offset the carbon emissions that result from your flight.

Native trees planted on protected lands help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, restore critical habitat for wildlife and create new outdoor recreation areas we can all enjoy.

Give Green, Go Zero
Now you can calculate your estimated annual emissions from airline miles and your personal carbon footprint online via our online Carbon Calculator.

In commemoration of Earth Day and to celebrate the success of the program to date, Delta’s Force for Global Good is matching all customer donations up to $10,000 during the month of April.

On the Ground Results
In just one year, Delta and its customers have raised enough funds to plant 102,065 trees that over their lifetime are expected to trap 64,000 tons of carbon dioxide–that’s enough to offset the carbon footprint of more than 2,900 Americans for one year.

What are you Measuring?
To estimate an individual’s carbon emissions from a flight, The Conservation Fund uses emissions factors and flight averages set forth by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s GHG Protocol Initiative.

On average, a contribution of $5.50 would offset 0.28 short tons of carbon dioxide, one person’s estimated carbon emissions associated with a 1,320-mile roundtrip flight. A contribution of $11.00 is estimated to offset 0.88 short tons, an individual’s estimated carbon emissions from an average 4,500-mile roundtrip flight.

Where Does the Money Go?
Every penny of your donation goes directly to The Conservation Fund’s Go ZeroSM program to help protect and restore our most vulnerable wildlife habitat. For every $5.50 contributed, the Fund will plant one tree in a protected park or national wildlife refuge.

Visit the Fund’s website for a list of restoration locations. You can be sure that your contribution towards The Conservation Fund’s results-oriented work is used efficiently. Our one percent fundraising cost is the lowest in the environmental field, and 97 cents of every dollar donated to the Fund directly supports our conservation and restoration work.

Together with our customers, we’re aiming to create forests and other green spaces that will contribute to the restoration of wildlife habitat and improvement of air and water quality, while expanding recreational opportunities and beloved scenery for future generations to enjoy.