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To the thousands of Midwest expats out there, your dreams have come true. Chubs are being fished again, after years of scarcity due to the evil quagga mussels eating plankton, their food source.

Our preferred plate includes cold chubs, raw onions, tomatoes, and salty crackers. No? Tell us your fav preparation.

Chubs are Back!

Surprisingly, our research found companies in several states that will ship these coveted freshwater delicacies. Goldberrys appears to be a broker for Russ & Daughters and Sables. More sources are Schwartz Fish and Paramount Caviar. Baileys Harbor Fish Company resumes shipping November, 2023.

Sadly, our go-to, Bearcats and even Ewig Bros, have suspended shipping indefinitely. :(

Do not be fooled by fisheries claiming whitefish is the same as chubs. Close, but not the same.

Lake Whitefish: Species Information: Fisheries: Fish ...

TMI: According to …….

Lake whitefish are easily distinguished from fallfish (chub) by having a small mouth and the presence of a small adipose fin located on the back between the dorsal and caudal fins. A related species, the round whitefish is light brown on the back becoming silvery on the side.

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