It’s time for a little recognition! Charlee is a rising star! Here in San Francisco for the summer to learn the ropes at Tango Diva and take in all that the city has to offer – and boy has she! From day one – it’s been a full schedule with content decisions, tweets and those lovely memes on Facebook that everyone loves! Charlee has been integral in the revamp launch of Tango Diva – impossible to have pulled it off in July without her (don’t you love the new look?).

Add in a sprinkle of Giants baseball, Fourth of July fireworks on the Bay and America’s Cup opening ceremonies, plus wine tastings, jaunts to Tahoe and networking events galore – it’s a wonder how we crammed it all in!

It’s been a rocking good time – with just a little over a week left to go.

Interns are like comets – they streak across your path lighting up the landscape, sparking raw energy and then race towards far flung places.

Charlee’s travels take her back to Marietta, a small private college in Southeastern Ohio, but home base is Denver. With two years still to go studying Advertising/Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Leadership Studies – Charlee is already lining up interviews with ad agencies in the Denver area.

People come and go in ones life and each person is a gift. Some shine brighter than others and Charlee is a true diamond, a kindred spirit – and as she says, “Patti, you need me!

Kudos to this bright, beautiful, outgoing, irrepressible, driven gal who has all of her priorities straight! We love you Charlee!


If you are inspired and interested in interning please contact me – I promise to provide an engaging and deep learning experience.