Rosella and I got up early, she had to go to a city between Milan and Torino, and I was on my way to Milan. She made of a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit, cheese, yoghurt, and cereal before we headed to the train station.

I took the slow train to Milano, it was a mere 6,50 Euros and it takes 2 hours. The fast train is just over an hour, cost twice as much, and it did not leave for another ½ hour – so I just jumped on the slow train and saved my Euros for a gelato. The ride was easy. We were in Milano before I could say fettuccini.

The hotel I am stay was recommended to me by Kate Horan, or Italian shopping Diva. It’s called Antica Locanda dei Mercanti – which translates into the ancient of the merchants. It is darling! The location could not be more perfect and my room is very cute. My only complaint is that I have two tiny, itty, bitty beds in my room instead of one double bed. I love sleeping sideways, starfish position, but not in these beds!

Once I check in I check out the town. This is my first time in Milan, so I did not know where to start. So, I started with lunch! I love pasta and I made an agreement with my body and mind that I am allowed to eat all the pasta and drink all the wine I want while in Italy – it’s Italy after all! As they say in Barcelona, “¡La dieta comienza mañana!” – The diet starts tomorrow!

After a lunch of pasta and beans (carbo-loading for all that shopping) I treated myself to a gelato. Phew, I was beat, so back to the hotel for a powernap and shower. I got up at around 4:00 pm, blogged and answered e-mails. I was out the door by 7:30 to go enjoy apertivo at Nobu. By the time I left, I had a few new Italian boyfriends. I walked back to the hotel and on the way, I found an darling restaurant serving dinner outside amongst the cobblestone streets and marble buildings. I could not resist.

The pasta I ordered was the best pasta I’ve eaten in Italy. It was agnolotti (which is a pasta from this region that is stuffed with everything from beef to cheese, the pasta looks like Chinese dumplings). My agnolotti was stuffed with ricotta cheese and herbs and smothered in a walnut cream sauce. Oh my.

After finishing my pasta and sparkling wine, I strolled back to my hotel and fell asleep the second my head it the pillow.