Travel is a great way to see who you really are, outside of familiar routines and comfort zones.
With wheels and a cooler you are ready for your road trip. Well, almost.


#1 Time plus comfort level, divided by money, equals itinerary.
#2 What you think you need is twice as much as you really need.
#3 This is the time for a car tune-up.
#4 Know thy bucket list.
#5 Selfie stick and other essential gear.


Science says, people are happier when they break for roses, and farmer stands. Unless you’re 21, it is no fun driving all night and eating from a peanut butter jar. The rest of us like sleep, indoor plumbing and a few more items on the food pyramid. Browse your local variety/dollar stores for first aid kits, travel size shampoo, reusable cutlery, wet-wipes, power bars and all sorts of cool gear you didn’t realize you wanted. A sleeping bag is great for those iffy motel beds and naps in the car. Tell yourself you are a Glamper, not a Camper. Make sure your GPS knows it’s going to Eureka, CA, not Eureka County, Nevada. It happens.
If you run out of internet access, make sure you’ve got an old fashion paper map and directions.
Hide a spare key and some cash. Your new take-everywhere designer backpack, has your drivers license, insurance card, credit card, emergency contact info, car keys, cash, meds, pen, notebook, phone, camera and reading glasses, not that you need them.



Summer or winter, be prepared.
Think comfort, hats, polar-fleece blankie and a driving muumuu. (Is that even a thing?) Hydrate. Pick up one of those portable fans that spray water. Pre-moistened wipes, sunscreen and breath mints will keep you presentable at the gas station.
Dedicate a pair of hard soled slippers for driving. Pack a cooler with ice packs, water and snacks you can eat with one hand. Bring a small bucket for that free hotel ice. A small rolling suitcase, packed with essentials, is your best friend when your hotel room is a mile from the parking lot, up three flights of stairs. Anything you really need is available at the mega-truck stop.


Be an adult and keep in touch with a designated friend who knows your plans. Bring a water bottle and use it, for water. Take your vitamins. Don’t leave valuables in sight. Have a back-up credit card, extra car key and at least a half tank of gas.



Upgrade your phone plan, trust me. A good loaf of bread and cheese slices will keep you going.
Remember, collecting experiences is better than stuff.
Hit the road Jackie!