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November 9th, 2005
Easter Eggs in Red Mountain?


Brooke here, surrounded by the beautiful mountains that are even more spectacular, enormous, and ‘redder’ than I had expected.  In fact I can’t get over how amazing the terrain is, the people, and yes-the food!  Today all the ‘Divas’ hiked near our resort, over red sand, black lava, into canyons, and through a dried up water bed-where low and behold I found a plastic pink Easter Egg nestled in the side of the bank!! Who would have thought.  Afterwards it was time to get serious in the abs class using everything from yoga balls to some weird balck strap contraption that was an experience in itself.  The pedicures are fabulous and well deserved after a long day on the trails, as is the plush bed I’m headed for right now!

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