FastTimesinPalestine-CoverA Love Affair with a Homeless Homeland

No matter your politics, Fast Times in Palestine offers an account of Middle East travel that reads more like a journal of accidental tourist enlightenment. Author, Pam Olson, opens up in a candid memoir documenting her two years of living in a land of conflict, criticism and misconceptions. Olson’s book is a coming of age tale that teaches us to be nonjudgmental and free in spirit and mind and reminds us of our humanity.

It can be safely said that we all know just enough about world politics to be perceived as informed when chatting away at a dinner or cocktail party. Perhaps we are well traveled by enjoying the annual cruise and trip abroad giving us some level of insight into global affairs. Yet, it is my belief that one must really immerse oneself in the culture, history and people to really discover truth and reality of life in distant and different land.

Author, Pam Olson has done just that. I applaud Ms. Olson on her open mind as her travels take her on the – often NOT- open road to discovery. Without any real sense of foreign policy or understanding of the long history of heated Israeli-Palestinian tension, Olson’s travel to the Holy Land could have easily been equated to a trip to Mars. Olson’s youth- inspired backpacking buddy trip morphed into an adventure in occupied territory where oppression weights down every moment of existence.

Some readers may find the subject matter too heavy at times. Definitely, not a light reading poolside pick. But overall, the book is a creative narrative that offers a glimpse into a world unknown to most Americans.

Fast Times in Palestine is is a thought-provoking summer read recommendation that is sure to stir emotions and conversation.

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Publisher: Seal Press

Suggested Retail: $16.00