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Allison Neves

Allison Neves has more than 25 years of communications and public relations experience, providing strategic counsel and overseeing integrated marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients, from healthcare and consumer brands to non-profit organizations and high-tech companies. When she's not trying to save the world one press release at a time, Allison enjoys exploring the San Francisco restaurant scene, traveling to exotic locales and uncovering her family roots in China, El Salvador and Portugal.
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Green Travel Awards

The World Travel Awards (WTA) will announce the winners of the newly launched ‘Green’ Awards program during the Europe Awards Ceremony in Newcastle Gateshead in October. ‘Green’ tourism is quickly becoming mainstream and more and more hospitality businesses are realising […]

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Hail to the cab….

Well, look at you! You’re an eco-lisish little thing, aren’t ya? You’ve been so good about partaking in public transportation, toting your canvas bags on your bike as you head out to Whole Foods and even opting to walk as […]