I try to be prepared when I travel by packing a stash of band-aids, antiseptic and first aid ointments. But a recent accident while visiting family gave me reason to think about my usual bag of goodies. A window blind came crashing down on me resulting in a deep gash to my right hand. After a trip to the emergency care center and stitches, I thought nothing more of the incident. Sadly, an ounce of prevention or a proactive treatment plan would have made all the difference. The cut formed a lasting scar that will always be a painful reminder of that nightmare day.

Whether a result of an accident or a planned surgical procedure, I know firsthand that the unsightly scarring can be more traumatic that the actual life event. Emotions run high when it comes to coping with any negative change to physical appearance. For me, my scar has left me feeling self-conscious about my hands. I work hard to disguise and decorate with manicured nails and rings, but living with the scar is a constant struggle.

But divas, don’t dismay. I am happy to share a fabulous find – a powerful preventative gel that fights scarring.

SkinMedica® Scar Recovery Gel is the first and only topical product clinically proven to address scars in the critical pink formation active healing phase and prevent scarring. The gel formula’s secret weapon is Centelline®, a revolutionary blend of plant-derived ingredients and breakthrough science.

The restorative gel optimizes the skin’s natural healing process working to effectively hydrate damaged skin, stimulate collagen production, minimize inflammation and diminish scarring.  After regular use, you will be confident and ready to flaunt a flawless second skin.

Scar Recovery Gel_SkinMedica

Clinical research studies report:  80% of patients found signs of scarring disappeared within 6 months of regular use of the SkinMedica® Scar Recovery Gel.

Recommended Use:

“A Medicine Cabinet Must & Travel Bag Essential”

A Post-Operative/Post-Accident Scar Management Regimen

Use 2x Daily.

  • Before/After laser procedures
  • Treatment on stitches or closed wound during healing process
  • Treatment on acne scars
  • Treatment on cosmetic surgery scars

 Not intended for use on open wounds or lip/eye area

Suggested Retail:  Two sizes available

  • 2 ounces/ $98
  • 0.5 ounces/ $42

SkinMedica® offers a complete line of scientifically formulated, clinically tested skin care products sold through approved physician offices as well as online.

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