Search no more! Skip the boxed soap gift sets and edible floral arrangements this Mother’s Day. Give mom the gift that says and DOES so much more.

Honor and thank her for her many sacrifices by celebrating and elevating her special beauty with the help of science.

NuFACE®, a sleek futuristic-looking device the size of a television remote, has rocked the beauty world as an anti-aging secret weapon. Proclaimed as the “pilates or personal trainer for the face”, this hand-held magic wand is revolutionizing in-home and over-the-counter skin care solutions. Using technology to turn back the clock by diminishing fine lines and plumping the skin, NuFACE promises to deliver noticeable and dramatic results in less than 60 days.

Passionate users claim it is a Botox contender and a replacement for more costly invasive plastic surgery procedures, laser treatments and topical creams.

A safe and sensory patented micro-current system is key to NuFACE’s effectiveness and continued success. Skin appears tighter and toned with a regime of application. Add in the unit’s affordable price point ($250-$325) compared with the known alternatives, the positive clinical research and the solid customer testimonials, and NuFACE comes out a winner on every level.

For over ten years, the Carol Cole Company has been leading the way in results-driven skin care. The NuFACE device was created to aid in facial rejuvenation. Each year, Carol and her team of aesthetic experts, scientists and tech designers work to improve and enhance the NuFACE experience. Today, consumers have a choice of colors and models to meet their lifestyle and budget.

The NuFACE Classic comes in a variety of diva color favorites including bright pink and teal.

The NEW Trinity Model is totally tricked out with a cool ergonomic design, a rechargeable cradle charger, interchangeable heads for multiple therapies, push button controls, audible treatment indicators and a 20 minute auto shut-off.

I was skeptical after reading mixed reviews. But decided to give NuFACE a try. I previewed the online tutorial and was careful to apply the gel primer to treatment area before using. And, I made sure my skin was clean and free of any makeup or moisturizers. The total process took under 15 minutes; it was easy and painless. I glided the probes as instructed in defined repetitive upward movements (holding 5-10 seconds) on specific problem areas of the face – the forehead, brow, jowls and cheek. After only one week of daily use, I noticed a difference. I looked rested and refreshed. Even friends commented on the positive change in my appearance. Results are said to last up to 72 hours or even longer with consistent usage. A routine treatment schedule consisting of a minimum of five days a week for for first 90 days is highly recommended followed by maintenance treatments two or three times each week thereafter. Insider Tip: Natural Aloe Vera is a a cost-effective substitute for the gel primer.

The final verdict is not yet out for me… it is still too early to see truly significant results. But given the response from friends and the reflection in the mirror lately… my transformation is looking very very promising.

I am excited to erase a few years…as I am certain most women would be.

If you are not quite ready for the investment, opt for a treatment at a local spa or aethestician office. The NuFACE website can direct you to a list of professionals in your area.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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