My inbox averages around 300 new messages a day. Most of them are tedious work e-mail about projects that I need to finish, reminders of promises I’ve made, or virtual sales people trying to sell me products I don’t need. But, the one thing I do do everyday is read all the e-mails that comes from Tango Diva members. I have to be honest; some are criticisms about articles that were written or events that we support. 

And, once in a while, an e-mail will pop up in my “in box” that puts a smile on my face and inspires me. Here is one of them:

"Hi, I have been a Diva for some time, but, I have spent the last year battling breast cancer.  I wanted to write because I wanted to share encouragement to other women and to tell them how I have turned it around.  You can look at my little website to see exactly what I am doing for the chemotherapy patients.  Check it out.  My kitchen counter has about 300 cookies on it right now!
Although I finished the rough chemotherapy on July 3 – I have a healthy inch and a half of hair regrowth- I still receive Hrceptin treatments every 3 weeks until the summertime.  Despite all I will be going to Paris with my 16 year old daughter on March 15 and immediately went to your website.  I caught some interesting information that I will print out.
That is my story for the day!

Diva Vivian”


So, if you are looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your Diva friends, I recommend some love from a Diva who is living life and getting ready to go to Paris.