Just in Time to Class-up my Academy Awards Party: 267 Vodka Infusion

Not just another pretty face, although 267 Vodka Infusions do look gorgeous in their hand-crafted bottles (and I definitely will be recycling my empties for bath oils)! This new line of infusions is made using only the finest spirits: premium Vodka-distilled 5 times, Mexican Blue Agave Tequila, or Plantation Virgin Rum from Barbados.

The entrepreneurial founder, Stacie Parker Shonfeld, shuns artificial color and flavors, and instead chooses to use fresh fruit gathered from around the world. She has perfected a method that allows the fruit to harmonize with the spirits resulting in a thrilling taste sensation.

The Cranberry Vodka Infusion pairs perfectly with chocolate truffles… but my favorite is the Olive & Pearl Onion Infusion, for a perfect Dirty Martini!