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Month: July 2007

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Me n’ Montana

Greetings from The Lodge at Whitefish, about 20 miles from Glacier National Park! My super-mom has organized a family reunion of epic proportions. We are two grandparents, 8 moms, aunts and uncles, and 5 rambunctious boys aged 2-10. And we […]

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Broken English, j’taime!

Heartbreaking realities of singledom is brought to screen in aching slow-mo moments. Broken English will tear your guts out – opening with Parker Posey’s indecision of "do I go to the "cute couples" party or do I stay home- where […]

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Hail to the cab….

Well, look at you! You’re an eco-lisish little thing, aren’t ya? You’ve been so good about partaking in public transportation, toting your canvas bags on your bike as you head out to Whole Foods and even opting to walk as […]

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Post Tripum Depression

There may be no place like home, but sometimes that’s the whole point! Coming off the intensity of a world tour, home may seem…foreign. One minute you’re fighting to get on a bus in Montego Bay, the next minute you’re […]