Today I sent my introduction and a few chapters of FLY SOLO off to my editor at Penguin (Perigee imprint). I wrote about San Francisco, Reykjavik Iceland, Amsterdam, Crested Butte Colorado, and Vienna.

It’s nerve-racking sending that much content to an editor for the first time. Will she like what I’ve poured my heart into, will I have to rewrite it; does she get my humor? Oh my.

A week from now, I’ll be sitting in economy for 11 or so hours, on my way to London. Yes, even us Divas at Tango Diva have to fly economy sometimes! I’m looking forward to touring Europe, I hope the drama in France will settle down before I show up in Paris. I’m not into visiting places that have car-burning rioters.

I think I’ll go and visit my horse for a little while to clear my head from all the writing I’ve been doing. I have a handsome Arabian horse named Fortune’s Luck, but I call him Lucky. I’ll miss him when I’m gone. I’ll miss my time galloping across hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Writing and riding, these are my loves.