They’re baaack!

Picture 19

The Bushcamp Company, a leader in the walking safari, is known around the world for the elephants which wander through the lobby of its Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia every year.

A decade ago while on migration an elephant matriarch named Wonky Tusk and her family returned to a favorite mango tree only to discover that a lodge had been built practically over it. Sensing no danger from the Mfuwe Lodge staff and visitors, they decided not to let minor details get in the way of their breakfast. Since then, they have returned unhindered every year, sometimes multiple times a day, wandering through the lobby and grounds to the grins of staff and guests alike.

Mfuwe Lodge is proud to be the first ever winner of the prestigious award for “2009 Best Lodge” in Zambia.

In the remote south of Zambia’s iconic South Luangwa National Park, the Bushcamp Company operates six exclusive bushcamps.