I don’t speak Spanish that well. As a matter of fact, one could say that I don’t speak it at all. So, when I wan sent a set of Michel Thomas’s Speak Spanish instantly CDs I was not expecting anything amazing to happen. I have taken Spanish at Stanford, gone to Cancun and took classes there, hell, my dad is Mexican. You would this I could speak Spanish. I always thought that I could not learn it because my brain is not wired for learning a language. Lame excuse, I know.

Oh, the main reason I started to use them was because my husband was snoring and listening to Michel Thomas seemed less painful than listening to the snuffleupagus next to me.

But something happened when I listened to these CDs. I started to get it. The guy on the CD explained that basically, we only use 600 active words in any language, of those active words, many sound like English words that we already know. If you learn the Spanish equivalent to the English words, you have a ton of active vocabulary down. Simple, right?

Gosh, by the time I got to Dominican Republic, I had an arsenal of Spanish words ready to go! I don’t think his CD is out yet, I got a preview set to check out (lucky me!)

When they come out, I’ll let you know.