I first traveled to Europe when I was 16. It was the classic family tour, though we spent most of our time in Italy with a few days in Austria and a quick stop off in Germany. Unfortunately my youth or perhaps self-involvement prevented me from truly appreciating the trip. Years, and a world of maturity later, I would love to go back to all those places to re-experience with an open heart and mind. Now not only am I an avid traveler but I have also discovered the joy of exploring cities on bicycle. Fortunately it seems that the bicycle tour is becoming much more popular. Travelers looking for a way to leisurely experience cities and landscapes will be spoiled for choice.

Austin-Lehman Adventures is currently offering two amazing cycle trips in Italy and Austria. The Tyrol Bicycle Tour runs from Innsbruck to Lake Garda. As the company puts it the ride covers three worlds in one: Tyrol (Austria), South Tyrol (Italy with an Austrian twist) and Trentino (Italy).

Those preferring to focus their attention solely on Italy can opt for the Tuscany Bike Tour , a 7 days ride crossing through Florence, Sienna, San Gimignano, and Artimino. Having watched Under the Tuscan Sun way too many times I might have to opt for this one but oh what a choice to have to make.


Our Guest Blogger Ashley Erdman has recently returned to the US after three and half years living and working in London. An activist, writer and world traveler Ashley will shortly be heading to New Zealand to work on organic farms and cycle around the islands. You can follow her adventures and travels on her blog: bedheadednomad