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January 14th, 2018
Travel Toothbrush Review


Have you noticed it’s getting harder to look chic whilst pretending that giant expandable shoulder boulder is petit and light?
Here’s a list of travel-worthy toothbrushes to lighten your load.
There’s a surprise category… wireless!

Everything you need, the case, brush, charger, and Bluetooth.

SonicCare: Diamond Clean – an elegantly designed case which looks more like a discreet vibrator case. I still can’t get over the stupid drinking glass for home charging. First, it’s glass, and the brush can’t stand upright in it without leaning against a wall. Maybe it’s just me.

Quip: Starter Sets – 16,000 vibrations/minute – battery lasts 3 months – tongue scraper on backside of brush – slim case that doesn’t stand upright – mail order brush/toothpaste subscriptions.
Oh, the relentless marketing. This weak diva finally caved and selected a lovely rose gold to match my MacBook Air. Why oh why can’t that sticky strip on the case be optional? It’s supposed to be a travel brush. And that giant glass cigar tube. please.

Violife: SlimSonic
The original, compact case in assorted patterns, stands on end, budget-friendly, 20,000 vibrations/minute, battery lasts 6 months. Move behind the line Quip, SlimSonic now has a brush refill program on Amazon, and a Rose Gold model.

Brushee: Mini Brush They’re pre-pasted and come with a refill program. The very compact case includes a flosser and pick. Makes great party favors.

Drug Store: Colgate, et al– remember back in the day when a toothbrush was that thing you held in your hand, moving it around your teeth all by yourself? There’s still a large selection including toothbrushes that fold, whirl, vibrate, decorated with cartoon characters, racing stripes, flowers and pretty colors. If that’s not enough for you, Colgate is selling a ten buck brush complete with whitening pen.
All models have built-in tongue scrapers. It’s called the brush.

Ultrasonic: Icegirl U Type Automatic Electric Toothbrush Wireless Charging All Tooth Toothbrush in 15 Seconds By Ultrasonic. But does it walk the dog and take out the trash?

Amabrush: Automatic – Found this on Kickstarter, claiming to be the World’s First Automatic Toothbrush. Hummm, looks like Ultrasonic beat them to the marketplace. Another 15 second miracle. The battery lasts one month.

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