Hey Divas, like to cruise? And I am not talking about cruising Main Street in a Camero with the windows down while Journey is blaring. (you know you did it!)

Top Cruise Club, a new online social network for cruise travelers, launched today with the introduction of innovative new technologies. Created as a place for both cruise enthusiasts and novice cruisers to connect, learn, and save money, the website provides a platform for sharing information, price tracking, photo sharing, reward point programs, deals and beyond.

TopCruiseClub.com is the first to market with a smart cruise fare tracking application, called Price Investigator, promising users never overpay for a cruise again. The tool tracks cruise fares based on information entered by users, and notifies that individual if a price drops below their purchase price is found, allowing the opportunity to seek reimbursement and obtain the best possible rate. Not only can this save cruisers thousands of dollars, but will also offer buyer confidence and thus, cruise lines with the ability to secure early bookings.

Top Cruise Club is the brainchild of entrepreneur brothers Marc and Jason Cohen, along with developer Adrian Esquivel.

“The Price Investigator application is just one of the perks of Top Cruise Club. The social network fills a niche in the travel industry, providing real, value-added services and benefits to its members. It’s an interface to network with like-minded cruisers, ask and share advice, post photos, track cruise prices, meet & mingle, and find the best deals around,” says Jason Cohen, CEO of Top Cruise Club. “And since it’s consumer driven, members can be sure they are getting real information, and not third party endorsements. We are a banner free and text link free community.”

Top Cruise Club membership is free and assigns each new member a unique profile that can be tailored and designed to his or her preferences. A member’s homepage, or ‘dashboard’ as it is referred to on Top Cruise Club, features an array of user-friendly applications, including the following:

· Price Investigator – the first fare tracking engine of its kind in the cruise industry, it monitors cruise prices and automatically notifies members when fares drops below the price they paid

· Cruise Connect – a platform that allows members to find other members that will be on their same sailing

· Daily Deals – a deal finder application that allows members to set parameters and search for cruises accordingly

· T.R.I.P (Travel Reward & Incentive Program) – a system allowing members to earn points on the site to redeem for travel savings

· LENS – an innovative, geographically driven photo-sharing program

The site also provides a place for members of the travel industry (cruise lines, ports of call, shore excursions, etc.) to connect as well, allowing them to create their own profiles and interact directly with consumers through deals, incentives, contests, news and more.

So girls, get online, get connected and start cruising!