It’s Sunday afternoon and the past few days have been a blur. On Thursday I flew down to San Diego to do some FLY SOLO research and attend a fundraiser for Project Concern, an organization that helps save lives and builds healthy communities throughout the world. Check them out at Saturday morning we flew up to Sacramento to attend my cousin’s engagement party, then drove back down to San Francisco to celebrate my dear friend Anna Alioto’s 40th birthday. We got home at around 2:00 a.m. and I just dropped Tim (my husband) back at the airport. He’s got business on the east coast this week.

I’ll be spending the day researching for FLY SOLO and finishing up the chapters on San Diego and the Caribbean. On Tuesday I need to send my publisher my first 5 chapters and make sure we’re all on the same page.

This week is pretty crazy, and it’s the last week I have before I leave for my fantastic VIVA EUROPA trip. Heidi, my best friend and the genius behind the Tango Diva logo will be staying with me – which is awesome! She’s designed this amazing collection of gift wraps that are taking the world by storm. Check them out I’ll be attending the adventure travel show in San Francisco: and I still need to tighten up a few of my travel plans. I’m hitting 6 countries in 15 days and all my hotels and transport is booked, except for Brussels. Hotelopia is supposed to help me with that, so I’ll keep you posted.

I need to take a bath and get to writing. Thanks for joining me today!