One of my fave trade tastings each year is the Rieslings from Germany. Unfortunately, most of these incredible wines never see the light of day in the States. On the rare occasions that I do spy one on the menu and try to order it, I usually get the same comment from my (riesling ignorant) dinner companion, “No thanks, I don’t really care for sweet wines.” For the umpteenth time people, NOT ALL RIESLINGS ARE SWEET AND EVEN THE SWEETER ONES ARE DELICIOUS!

I’m happy to report that Rieslings from Germany has decided that it’s time to shatter all your pre-conceived notions and introduce the public to some of the best summer wines available. For one week only, you can experience world-class Rieslings from Germany, as well as Alsace and Austria, at the top restaurants in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Restaurants will be featuring European Rieslings either by the glass, by the flight, or creating special pairing menus to showcase the versatility of this varietal.

June 16th – 22nd, 2008

San Francisco
New York City
Las Vegas

For participating restaurants and retail locations in each city,(many offer complimentary tastings,) go to their website.

Participating San Francisco Restaurants Include:
Café Majestic
Campton Place
CAV Wine Bar
Eos Restaurant & Wine Bar
Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant & Wine Bar
Jack Falstaff
Martini House

Oxbow Wine Bar
Plump Jack Café
Solano Wine Bar
XYZ Restaurant
Yabbie’s Coastal Kitchen

Retailer Tastings Include:
Blackwell’s Wine & Spirits
Dee Vine Wines
Solano Wine Shop
William Cross Wine Merchants

FYI: here’s the outlook on this years crop:
Thanks to early bud burst and optimal autumn weather, the 2007 vintage in Germany had good yields of excellent quality. German wine grapes had an unusually long growing season, so the year’s harvest was relatively unhurried and took place over several weeks. Grape musts and young wines showed well, with a fabulous wealth of aromas, high ripeness and extract levels, and a well integrated, harmonious — yet marked — acidity.