I’m about to take off for a grand five-month adventure. Right now I’m overwhelmed by the particulars, but one task has been pure joy: searching for the perfect journal. I don’t take this task lightly and I have some pretty specific criteria:

  1. The paper must be non-lined. Lines are constricting sometimes and I want to be able to tape in postcards, draw sketches, and write, all in one place.
  2. The cover must not have the world “Travel” on it. In the past, I’ve always picked out the classic travel journals with maps plastered all over the cover. Don’t get me wrong; I love those journals. But since I will be living in Europe, rather than just visiting, I want to blend in.
  3. It must be cute and classy. I have been told I’m taking this journal hunt too seriously, but it will house my ideas, inspiration, and memories. It better be cute.

These are my favorites that I’ve rounded-up (click through to check out more details):