As a travel writer I’m often sent new travel products to test. Many of them quickly end up in the garbage (like the “body-pillow” that you plug into the airplane’s air vent to blow-up. I couldn’t get it unplugged and it almost exploded on the plane. Needless to say, the flight attendants were NOT happy with me) or being re-gifted to other, less particular travelers.

But after trying many lemons, I’ve discovered the love of my travel life…Landor and Hawa’s International Traveller IT-0-2, “The World’s Lightest Luggage”. (I’ve tested them and you really can lift them with just your pinkie finger!) Even more good news, they are also unbelievably light on your pocketbook.

International Traveller IT-0-2 is the second rendition of “The World’s Lightest Luggage”. Building off of the success of IT-0-1, International Traveller still brings you the world’s lightest luggage, but now with improved features, such as larger front zipper pockets (perfectly sized to hold all your travel docs and onboard reading material) and a super-comfy foam push-button handle, but IT (which stands for International Traveler) still uses their original high-tech polyester and innovative ultra-strong fiberglass structured frame, which can take a licking and keep on traveling, which is why they are comfortable including a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. The corner mounted ball-bearing wheels, connect directly to the body frame, providing smooth, stable, ninja-quiet rolling.

For sample sizes and pricing check out their website.